Daily Word 07/11/2022

Daily Word: Healing I thrive in wholeness. My thoughts and words are creative— charged with energy that influences my whole being. I think and speak with intention to claim my healing and know my wholeness. I respond when my body needs attention and care. I recognize discomfort or fatigue as a signal, a call forContinue reading “Daily Word 07/11/2022”

Daily Word 05/09/2022

I set my daily intention for peace. The world feels peaceful as the sun rises and a new day begins. I am serene as the sky grows light and my neighborhood comes to life. I bring a positive expectancy to the day as I carry the tranquility of the sunrise with me. No matter whatContinue reading “Daily Word 05/09/2022”

Daily Word 04/14/2022

GRACE MAKES MY EVERY ACT A PRAYER. The power of grace enters each moment through my prayerful intention. I can make even ordinary experiences shine with new radiance by making every act a prayer. On Maundy Thursday, Jesus shared an experience of grace with his disciples by breaking bread with them, washing their feet, andContinue reading “Daily Word 04/14/2022”

Daily Word 02/17/2022

PRAYING FOR OTHERS UNITES US IN SPIRIT. After witnessing wondrous prayer outcomes in my own and others’ lives, I know in my heart the power of prayer. I am honored to pray for others. I begin by aligning my mind with divine mind as I center my attention on the goodness of God. In thisContinue reading “Daily Word 02/17/2022”

Daily Word 01/14/2022

MY INTENTION IS TO BE LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE. I believe in the power of kindness, and I strive to treat all people with the consideration and patience with which I like to be treated. Sometimes that can be quite a challenge. I may struggle with some people and situations that trigger me. At those times,Continue reading “Daily Word 01/14/2022”

Daily Word 01/10/2022

Free AS I EXPRESS MY DIVINITY, I AM UNBOUND. The truth of my existence is spiritual. Although I am fully human with a body, mind, thoughts, and feelings, I am also fully divine. When I claim this truth, nothing can take my freedom from me. Nothing can bind me to any thought of limitation. I rememberContinue reading “Daily Word 01/10/2022”

Daily Word 12/24/2021

Christmas Eve I FOLLOW DIVINE LIGHT TOWARD REBIRTH AND RENEWAL. “A new birth is on the horizon as I follow faithfully the guiding light of Spirit. I anticipate the joyful awakening of a renewed sense of oneness with the indwelling Christ presence. I hold the intention today to imagine myself in the Christmas story. WhatContinue reading “Daily Word 12/24/2021”

Daily Word 11/24/2021

Prepare TAKING TIME TO PREPARE IS AN ACT OF LOVING INTENTION. “If I plan to do some entertaining at home, I spend time preparing for my guests’ arrival. This may mean tidying, creating space, and making sure I have enough food. I do this to create a welcoming environment and let my guests know howContinue reading “Daily Word 11/24/2021”

Daily Word 11/19/2021

Zest I AM GLEEFULLY AND GRATEFULLY ALIVE. “I can make any day extraordinary when I grab each moment with gusto and squeeze every drop of pleasure I can from it. I do this through attention and intention. I engage my senses fully. I delight in the way the sun dances on water and the windContinue reading “Daily Word 11/19/2021”

Daily Word 7/27/2021

Carefree “MY CAREFREE HEART SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS. I give thanks for the beauty and goodness that surround me, grateful for the carefree attitude I bring to life.” I set my intention today to keep my heart light and carefree. That does not mean every thought or experience of the day will be untroubled, butContinue reading “Daily Word 7/27/2021”