Daily Word 07/28/2022

I am aglow with the light of God. The light of just one candle illuminates a darkened room, creating a soft, comforting glow. Similarly, a smile from a passing stranger can lift my spirits and brighten my day. My heart feels the warmth of their inner light. I envision my indwelling Christ essence touching everyContinue reading “Daily Word 07/28/2022”

Daily Word 07/10/2022

As I give, I share God’s abundance. The limitless resources of infinite Spirit flow through my loving heart and clear mind as a never-ending supply of divine ideas. I always have all that I need to live abundantly, and I share my abundance with others joyfully and freely.  I give generously of my resources, talents,Continue reading “Daily Word 07/10/2022”

Daily Word 06/11/2022

I am grateful for my faith-filled, prosperous life. Prosperity is a wonderfully potent word bringing to mind great wealth and power. Yet I know true prosperity cannot be measured in money or possessions alone. Prosperity is about quality, not quantity. When I look at all the good in my life, I realize prosperity is already mine.Continue reading “Daily Word 06/11/2022”

Daily Word 05/30/2022

I remember and give thanks today. With reverence, I honor those who have come before me. I may lay flowers on a grave site or participate in a sacred ceremony. No matter how I remember, the love and respect I hold in my heart keep these dear ones alive forever in my mind and heart.Continue reading “Daily Word 05/30/2022”

Daily Word 05/04/2022

Divine love and understanding help me create harmony.  The discordant sounds I hear as members of an orchestra begin to tune their instruments delight me because I know the musicians will soon create beautiful harmonies as they work together to bring a composer’s work to life.  If I hear discordant notes of disagreement or tensionContinue reading “Daily Word 05/04/2022”

Daily Word 03/07/2022

MY GRATEFUL HEART OPENS ME TO UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS. I have so much for which to be grateful. I am grateful for family and friends and how they support me and add joy to my life. I am grateful for my body and its amazing functioning that keeps me alive and well. I am grateful forContinue reading “Daily Word 03/07/2022”

Daily Word 7/27/2021

Carefree “MY CAREFREE HEART SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS. I give thanks for the beauty and goodness that surround me, grateful for the carefree attitude I bring to life.” I set my intention today to keep my heart light and carefree. That does not mean every thought or experience of the day will be untroubled, butContinue reading “Daily Word 7/27/2021”