Daily Word 07/24/2022

I am a loving, caring presence. Just as the sun shines on everyone and everything, I am a loving presence to everyone I meet. My kind words, welcoming smile, and compassionate actions all spring from the love that is part of my divine identity. Being a loving presence draws me closer to God and toContinue reading “Daily Word 07/24/2022”

Daily Word 07/10/2022

As I give, I share God’s abundance. The limitless resources of infinite Spirit flow through my loving heart and clear mind as a never-ending supply of divine ideas. I always have all that I need to live abundantly, and I share my abundance with others joyfully and freely.  I give generously of my resources, talents,Continue reading “Daily Word 07/10/2022”

Daily Word 03/04/2022

AGREEMENT IS MY PATH TO HARMONY. Over the years, I have endeavored to be a kind and compassionate person. I help however I can and give generously to those in need. In the presence of discord or conflict, I also seek to be a harmonizing influence. Conflicts and disagreements don’t need to lead to angryContinue reading “Daily Word 03/04/2022”

Daily Word 02/13/2022

I AM A COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE. In periods of peaceful contemplation, I immerse myself in the unconditional love that joins the human family together in God. As the awareness of divine love fills my mind and heart, it dissolves all memories of difficulties and feelings of discord. Centered in divine love, I deeply feel my onenessContinue reading “Daily Word 02/13/2022”

Daily Word 01/14/2022

MY INTENTION IS TO BE LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE. I believe in the power of kindness, and I strive to treat all people with the consideration and patience with which I like to be treated. Sometimes that can be quite a challenge. I may struggle with some people and situations that trigger me. At those times,Continue reading “Daily Word 01/14/2022”