Daily Word: 07/16/2022

I joyfully share my prosperity. Those who tend a garden know there will be an abundance of fruit, vegetables, or herbs to share at harvest time.  Likewise, I know I am richly blessed with divine ideas and can tend to those ideas in my consciousness just as I tend my garden. When those ideas takeContinue reading “Daily Word: 07/16/2022”

Daily Word 07/10/2022

As I give, I share God’s abundance. The limitless resources of infinite Spirit flow through my loving heart and clear mind as a never-ending supply of divine ideas. I always have all that I need to live abundantly, and I share my abundance with others joyfully and freely.  I give generously of my resources, talents,Continue reading “Daily Word 07/10/2022”

Daily Word 05/14/2022

The love of God expresses through my generous heart. Having a generous nature colors the world with happiness. Instead of looking around and seeing nothing more than unmet needs, I see opportunities to share of myself through gifts and acts of service. Even if I give money or other goods, what I’m really sharing isContinue reading “Daily Word 05/14/2022”

Daily Word 04/18/2022

I GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THAT I HAVE, GIVE, AND RECEIVE. At the foundation of prosperous living is the belief in the unlimited spiritual substance out of which everything is made. The underlying reality of all things is an invisible reservoir of spiritual essence—the kingdom of God. From this indwelling, spiritual realm, comes the flowContinue reading “Daily Word 04/18/2022”

Daily Word 03/11/2022

AN ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS POURS FORTH FROM ME NOW. Having a prosperity consciousness gives me a deep understanding that I always have an abundance to share. I cultivate a prosperous outlook when I take time to feel and express gratitude for the bounty of blessings all around me, and then share them generously. I shareContinue reading “Daily Word 03/11/2022”

Daily Word 02/19/2022

I FIND MY RENEWAL IN SPIRIT. Committing to thinking new thoughts brings me new, positive feelings and a fresh way to be in the world. This renewal changes my outlook. Where before I might have found problems, I now open myself to possibilities. I turn thoughts of lack to prayers of abundance and worries aboutContinue reading “Daily Word 02/19/2022”

Daily Word 8/7/2021

Prosperity “MY POSITIVE THOUGHTS LEAD ME TO ABUNDANT BLESSINGS. My prosperity consciousness springs from my appreciation of the blessings in my life. Through my growing awareness, I awaken to goodness everywhere around me and invite more of it into my life. I am attracted to abundance like a magnet. I carry a spirit of gratitudeContinue reading “Daily Word 8/7/2021”

Daily Word 7/31/2021

Faith MY FAITH KEEPS ME FOCUSED ON GOD. “Whether there is an abundance of good in my life right now or I am experiencing some challenges, the goodness of God endures. I have faith that God is greater than anything I may be called to face, so I center my thoughts on the spiritual presenceContinue reading “Daily Word 7/31/2021”

Daily Word 6/15/2021

Give “I AM GRATEFUL AS I GIVE WITH JOY. Giving is the key to living my fullest life. I eagerly accept my good with joy and appreciation, and I feel a deep desire to keep that joy alive by giving generously, serving humbly, and sharing without hesitation. I give with an open and caring heart,Continue reading “Daily Word 6/15/2021”