Daily Word 1/04/2022

Protect I FIND MY PROTECTION IN MY AWARENESS OF GOD. “When the world feels chaotic or even a little scary, I place my attention on the unchanging, unlimited love and strength of God. The presence and power of God is never diminished by the events and circumstances of the world. I feel protected when I alignContinue reading “Daily Word 1/04/2022”

Daily Word 1/2/2022

Clarity TIME SPENT COMMUNING WITH GOD GIVES ME CLARITY. “When I gaze toward the heavens on a moonlit night, I expect to see twinkling stars and constellations. But if I use a telescope, I can see details with much greater clarity. This example could describe my spiritual life as well. I may go about myContinue reading “Daily Word 1/2/2022”

Daily Word 1/1/2022

New Year I JOYFULLY CREATE THE YEAR ANEW. “I greet this day feeling grateful as I begin another year. It is stretched out before me like a blank canvas, inviting my unique designs and bright colors. I use my zeal and imagination to dream big dreams and make bold plans. I release the past, takingContinue reading “Daily Word 1/1/2022”

Daily Word 12/31/2021

Divine Order GIVING THANKS FOR DIVINE ORDER, I WELCOME THE NEW YEAR. “Pausing to reflect on the past year, I may recall times of triumph and struggle, joy and sorrow, peace and turmoil. Even if it was not evident at the time, I can now see divine order unfolding in those events. Even during theContinue reading “Daily Word 12/31/2021”

Daily Word 12/30/2021

Ease WITH GOD, I KNOW EASE. “Struggling to make things happen or trying to control events can feel exhausting, akin to swimming upstream. I remember how much easier it is to swim with the current, following the flow and direction of water. Today I make a new choice. I accept circumstances as they are andContinue reading “Daily Word 12/30/2021”

Daily Word 12/29/2021

World Peace A PEACEFUL WORLD BEGINS WITH PEACEFUL THOUGHTS. “The world I wish to see begins in my mind and heart. I do my part to bring about world peace by committing to holding peaceful thoughts. These thoughts inform my words and actions, which, in turn, inspire others to act in kind. As I prepareContinue reading “Daily Word 12/29/2021”

Daily Word 12/28/2021

Release I RELEASE THE OLD AND EMBRACE THE NEW. “As I think of new beginnings, challenges I’d like to take on, or fresh endeavors I wish to try, I remember that releasing the old makes way for the new. I may feel called to clear out my physical space. If something I own has outlastedContinue reading “Daily Word 12/28/2021”

Daily Word 12/27/2021

Comfort GOD’S COMFORTING LOVE IS MINE TO SHARE. “Many times throughout my life a kind word or a friendly gesture blessed me during a difficult time. Even years later, I remember those moments and feel grateful for the kindnesses that comforted me. God’s soothing presence is at the heart of every kind word and lovingContinue reading “Daily Word 12/27/2021”

Daily Word 12/26/2021

Faith MY INNER LIGHT GROWS BRIGHTER THROUGH FAITH. “Pulling back a curtain in a dark room will drive the darkness out and flood the space with light. I remember this at those times when my life feels dark. I have the power to live from faith, which brings me out of spiritual darkness. Faith helpsContinue reading “Daily Word 12/26/2021”