Daily Word 04/09/2022

MY IMAGINATION SHAPES MY DREAMS. Looking back over the events of my life, I realize that many of my most wondrous blessings began in my heart as treasured hopes and dreams. These dreams are the products of my imagination, my spiritual gift of creativity. I am richly blessed by the imagery from my mind’s eye,Continue reading “Daily Word 04/09/2022”

Daily Word 1/1/2022

New Year I JOYFULLY CREATE THE YEAR ANEW. “I greet this day feeling grateful as I begin another year. It is stretched out before me like a blank canvas, inviting my unique designs and bright colors. I use my zeal and imagination to dream big dreams and make bold plans. I release the past, takingContinue reading “Daily Word 1/1/2022”

Daily Word 12/21/2021

Light I SHINE THE LIGHT OF GOD. “Spending time in communion with God lights my way through life. As I center myself in the divine presence within, my inner landscape becomes bright. With each breath, I am increasingly aglow. The light of God burns steadily within me like a candle with an eternal flame. AsContinue reading “Daily Word 12/21/2021”

Daily Word 8/30/2021

Imagination I IMAGINE AND CREATE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE. “Throughout history, there have been many dreamers who have written inspirational novels and poetry, produced inventions that have benefited the world, and created magnificent works of art. The imagination that led those dreamers to create such works also lives in me. My capacity to imagineContinue reading “Daily Word 8/30/2021”