Daily Word 06/27/2022

I am worthy of unlimited good. I believe God is the one presence and power, the Source of every good thing. All that God is, I am too. Living from that truth helps me feel deserving of my many blessings and ready to receive the ones that are on their way to me. But sometimesContinue reading “Daily Word 06/27/2022”

Daily Word 04/02/2022

I AM A GENTLE SPIRIT AND A BLESSING TO THE WORLD. Jesus was a beautiful example of a gentle spirit. He embraced all people with the same respect and love, regardless of their station in life. He saw each person as a child of God, worthy of loving care. I, too, am worthy of thisContinue reading “Daily Word 04/02/2022”

Daily Word 8/30/2021

Imagination I IMAGINE AND CREATE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE. “Throughout history, there have been many dreamers who have written inspirational novels and poetry, produced inventions that have benefited the world, and created magnificent works of art. The imagination that led those dreamers to create such works also lives in me. My capacity to imagineContinue reading “Daily Word 8/30/2021”