Daily Word 06/09/2022

I relax into the flow of life. When I want to feel in the flow of life, I visualize myself drifting along a beautiful stream. There is no effort, only a deep trust that I am carried along by a gentle current. Living in the flow of life means staying in this same state ofContinue reading “Daily Word 06/09/2022”

Daily Word 04/02/2022

I AM A GENTLE SPIRIT AND A BLESSING TO THE WORLD. Jesus was a beautiful example of a gentle spirit. He embraced all people with the same respect and love, regardless of their station in life. He saw each person as a child of God, worthy of loving care. I, too, am worthy of thisContinue reading “Daily Word 04/02/2022”

Daily Word 7/23/2021

Gentle “I MOVE THROUGH LIFE GENTLY. Like a warm breeze that softly touches the skin, I interact with the world gently. I respond to all people and situations in a calm, loving manner. I listen with an open mind and give with an open heart. Today I choose to extend gentleness to everyone I encounter,Continue reading “Daily Word 7/23/2021”