Daily Word 07/13/2022

My faith Fttr empowers me. I have within me the power to overcome doubt and push past fear. I have the power to improve my life by aligning my thoughts and feelings with divine truth. I have the power to accomplish great things, even things that may at first seem impossible.  With gratitude, I useContinue reading “Daily Word 07/13/2022”

Daily Word 06/08/2022

My life is part of the divinely order of the world. Sometimes when the world feels unwelcoming I might despair, questioning my place in it. At those times I remember divine order applies to all things and circumstances. This understanding helps me relax and know I am a vital part and an active expression ofContinue reading “Daily Word 06/08/2022”

Daily Word 01/19/2022

I SEND MY JOY INTO THE WORLD Just imagine if people joined together from all parts of the world to express joy. Every- one who hears or reads this message could join in and add their uplifting joyful noise and praise to the collective symphony. We could let singing, laughing, drumming, dancing, smiling, and joyfulContinue reading “Daily Word 01/19/2022”

Daily Word 01/16/2022

I RISE IN CONSCIOUSNESS TO HELP CREATE A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL. Throughout time, there have been people who led lives that changed the world forever. Their words and deeds provided hope and inspiration for those who would carry forth their legacies of love, growth, and evolution—long after they left this life. Their mostContinue reading “Daily Word 01/16/2022”

Daily Word 01/11/2022

Friendship I GIVE THANKS FOR MY FRIENDS. So much has been written about the meaning of friendship: poems, books, songs, personal letters between friends. Thinking of my treasured friendships, I pause to wonder how I would write about them. How would I express the message of my heart? Exploring these questions brings my friends deeper intoContinue reading “Daily Word 01/11/2022”

Daily Word 01/06/2022

Epiphany I JOYFULLY DISCOVER THE CHRIST EVERYWHERE. Epiphany celebrates the day wise seekers from the east—magi in the Bible—arrived at Bethlehem and offered their gifts to the newborn Jesus. Today I receive these gifts anew when I center my heart on the presence and power of God. I accept the true gift of the magi, givenContinue reading “Daily Word 01/06/2022”

Daily Word 01/05/2022

Prosperity I AM RICH IN DIVINE IDEAS. When I want to have a fuller experience of life, I think about all the ways divine ideas prosper me. Prosperity itself is a divine idea, the faith-filled assurance that every good thing I can imagine or desire begins in divine mind and grows in my consciousness beforeContinue reading “Daily Word 01/05/2022”

Daily Word 7/24/2021

Patience “I AM PATIENT WITH OTHERS AS THEY GROW. It takes patience to plant a seed and wait for signs of life to spring through the soil, still longer for the bloom to grow into fullness. Through it all, I do my part to encourage its growth. I provide water and sunshine and protect itContinue reading “Daily Word 7/24/2021”

Daily Word 7/23/2021

Gentle “I MOVE THROUGH LIFE GENTLY. Like a warm breeze that softly touches the skin, I interact with the world gently. I respond to all people and situations in a calm, loving manner. I listen with an open mind and give with an open heart. Today I choose to extend gentleness to everyone I encounter,Continue reading “Daily Word 7/23/2021”

Daily Word 7/21/2021

Joy “I CELEBRATE JOY! Sometimes I express my spirit of irrepressible joy and let my happiness flow freely with celebration and enthusiasm. My exuberance bursts forth as spontaneous gratitude for life. My heart is filled with the truth that I am a unique expression of divine joy. Other times, I express my joy more peacefully.Continue reading “Daily Word 7/21/2021”