Daily Word 06/08/2022

My life is part of the divinely order of the world.

Sometimes when the world feels unwelcoming I might despair, questioning my place in it. At those times I remember divine order applies to all things and circumstances. This understanding helps me relax and know I am a vital part and an active expression of that unfolding order.

At the level of Spirit, I am at one with everything and everyone around me. I feel the blessing of divine order every time I take a step forward, act upon a positive thought, and see the best in myself and others. I am newly aware that God is in all, through all, as all.

Gratefully and gracefully, I accept my place in the order of all that is, and I know that, despite any appearances to the contrary, all things-always-are coming together for good.

Our steps are made firm by the Lord, when he delights in our way.

– Psalm 37:23

Copyright ©2022 Unity World Headquarters.

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