Daily Word 01/11/2022



So much has been written about the meaning of friendship: poems, books, songs, personal letters between friends. Thinking of my treasured friendships, I pause to wonder how I would write about them. How would I express the message of my heart?

Exploring these questions brings my friends deeper into my heart and soul. I am grateful for how they enrich my life. I recognize and deeply feel the love that we have built upon. I recall how we met, what we’ve shared, and how we have been there for each other through the highs and lows of life. I give thanks for sharing the laughter and the tears.

I pray I am the friend to each of them that they are to me, for we are faithfully united in a sacred bond. Dear friends, I pray for you, I cherish you, and I am grateful for you.

I have called you friends.—John 15:15

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