Daily Word 08/12/2022

I stretch in the direction of my growth. When I begin an exercise program, I may marvel at the speed, strength, and endurance of others who are already physically fit. As much as I may wish for my abilities to match theirs, I know I must first grow in strength and agility. On my spiritualContinue reading “Daily Word 08/12/2022”

Daily Word 05/10/2022

My life is made full through the love of God. My life is wonderfully bountiful with endless opportunities for growth and discovery. I learn about the world by exploring vibrantly diverse landscapes of natural beauty and human-made marvels. I learn about myself when I pursue my passions and do the things that give me theContinue reading “Daily Word 05/10/2022”

Daily Word 12/20/2021

Let Go, Let God I LET GO AND GROW IN SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING AND FAITH. “Growing in spiritual understanding is the journey of a lifetime. It means becoming aware of who I am as a divine being and bringing that awareness into my daily life. My understanding deepens as I let go of fears and outwornContinue reading “Daily Word 12/20/2021”

Daily Word 12/03/2021

Reach I REACH FOR A FULLER EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. “My life expands each time I extend my heart, my hand, or my awareness in new directions to further my growth. I enrich my soul and evolve my consciousness when I open myself to fresh experiences. From making friends to visiting unfamiliar places, life is richerContinue reading “Daily Word 12/03/2021”

Daily Word 11/07/2021

Divine Order I LIVE IN HARMONY WITH DIVINE ORDER. “Life is in constant motion, even if that motion is imperceptible to me. When I feel stuck in place or impatient with my progress, I consider the gradual yet orderly pattern of the seasons as they change. The single golden leaf I notice one day willContinue reading “Daily Word 11/07/2021”

Daily Word 7/24/2021

Patience “I AM PATIENT WITH OTHERS AS THEY GROW. It takes patience to plant a seed and wait for signs of life to spring through the soil, still longer for the bloom to grow into fullness. Through it all, I do my part to encourage its growth. I provide water and sunshine and protect itContinue reading “Daily Word 7/24/2021”