Daily Word 11/07/2021

Divine Order


“Life is in constant motion, even if that motion is imperceptible to me. When I feel stuck in place or impatient with my progress, I consider the gradual yet orderly pattern of the seasons as they change. The single golden leaf I notice one day will become part of a blaze of color just a few weeks later. The brisk chill in the morning air soon will lead to biting cold and snow. The first tender seedlings of spring will bring bright blooms and a verdant canopy followed by the long, sultry days of summer.

Little by little, one season turns into the next. My growth and understanding may happen in much the same way. Even if I don’t notice changes day to day, my life is always in motion and in order.”

From Unity Daily Word

You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was brought to completion by the works.—James 2:22

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