Daily Word 04/03/2022

I THINK PEACE. I FEEL PEACE. I AM PEACE. Peace lives in my heart. At the place within me where all appearances of separation dissolve, I feel only peace, only God, only oneness. This peace is always mine, part of my divine inheritance. I carry it with me through every experience, every moment of theContinue reading “Daily Word 04/03/2022”

Daily Word 12/20/2021

Let Go, Let God I LET GO AND GROW IN SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING AND FAITH. “Growing in spiritual understanding is the journey of a lifetime. It means becoming aware of who I am as a divine being and bringing that awareness into my daily life. My understanding deepens as I let go of fears and outwornContinue reading “Daily Word 12/20/2021”

Daily Word 10/31/2021

Protected I FIND MY PROTECTION IN THE LIGHT OF FAITH AND TRUTH. “I smile and act frightened as I recognize the neighborhood children who come to my door wearing scary masks and costumes. Children of all ages enjoy playing make-believe. Pretend fright is part of the fun of Halloween. Now and then, in response toContinue reading “Daily Word 10/31/2021”