Daily Word 8/28/2021

Let Go, Let God


“It is all too easy to become anxious while facing the unknown. I might worry about what may happen or fret over situations even after I have done everything possible to ensure the best outcomes. Fear is a natural and understandable detour on any expedition into the unknown, but if I stay there, it can block my path and keep me stuck in place.

Whenever I find myself arriving at a place of uncertainty, I pause, taking an opportunity to relax and recenter with a deep, cleansing breath. Divine energy flows freely as my faith arises, readying me to move forward. Exhaling and releasing worry, new avenues of exploration become visible. I relax and let go, feeling a deep and abiding trust. I proceed with quiet confidence, my inner guidance leading me to my next best step.”

From Unity Daily Word

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.—Psalm 56:3

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