Daily Word 8/29/2021



“Spending time in mindful contemplation increases my awareness of my surroundings. As I concentrate and focus my attention, I shut out distractions and settle my unquiet mind. My world begins to feel brighter, vibrant, and more alive as I notice the soft sounds and minute textures and colors I overlooked before.

Spending time in prayer increases my awareness of God’s goodness, which I share with others when I am patient and kind, generous and forgiving. This goodness returns to me as kindness and gentleness in the people I meet and ease and grace in all the places I go.

The world has not changed, but I have. My awareness of God in and as my life has opened my eyes and ears, my mind, and my heart.”

From Unity Daily Word

Open my eyes, so that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.—Psalm 119:18

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