Daily Word 10/22/2021

Let Go, Let God


“There are times when all is going smoothly, and then suddenly, I hit a snag. An unexpected event may slow me down or throw me off track. I feel confused about my options or doubtful of my abilities. Where do I turn? Whose advice do I seek? What do I need to do? I take a moment to ask myself what I am holding on to so tightly. What do I fear by letting go?

At these times it helps to remember I am never alone. When I feel the most lost—perhaps especially then—I step out in faith and let go and let God. When I do, I am able to trust that the people, circumstances, and ideas I need will come my way.

When I let go and let God, I breathe easier as I lean into faith and feel self-confidence grow ever stronger.”

From Unity Daily Word

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still.—Exodus 14:14

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