Daily Word 08/09/2022

I stand fast in faith and expect the best. When I am facing a challenge, my faith reminds me to turn my focus away from the problem and hold a vision of the best outcome. My faith in divine order and in the power of God within gives me the strength I need to faceContinue reading “Daily Word 08/09/2022”

Daily Word 06/14/2022

The peace of God flows through me now. If I stand on a garden hose, I block the flow of water. Likewise, if I hold on to thoughts or feelings of fear, unworthiness, or resentment, I block the flow of harmony and ease. I am a conduit through whom the peace of God flows. ShouldContinue reading “Daily Word 06/14/2022”

Daily Word 04/19/2022

PEACE IN THE WORLD BEGINS WITH ME. My thoughts guide my words and actions, so I keep them peaceful and positive. When I encounter hurtful or inconsiderate behavior, my response affects not only my well-being but also that of others. If I practice graciousness and respect, I am on a path of peace that inspiresContinue reading “Daily Word 04/19/2022”

Daily Word 04/03/2022

I THINK PEACE. I FEEL PEACE. I AM PEACE. Peace lives in my heart. At the place within me where all appearances of separation dissolve, I feel only peace, only God, only oneness. This peace is always mine, part of my divine inheritance. I carry it with me through every experience, every moment of theContinue reading “Daily Word 04/03/2022”

Daily Word 03/31/2022

I ENVISION A PEACEFUL WORLD. I see God’s image reflected in humankind’s wondrous diversity. Even though national boundaries and differences in language, culture, and spiritual expression may appear to divide us, nothing can change the truth that I am one in God with all people everywhere. I believe everyone desires and deserves safety, comfortable housing,Continue reading “Daily Word 03/31/2022”

Daily Word 03/30/2022

I PROTECT MYSELF WITH THE LOVE AND STRENGTH OF GOD. The love and strength of God are so much greater than anything that may trouble my heart or disquiet my mind. I call upon my indwelling spiritual gifts of love and strength to protect myself against life’s harsher realities. In my prayer time, I relaxContinue reading “Daily Word 03/30/2022”

Daily Word 03/09/2022

TRANQUILITY BLESSES MY MIND, HEART, AND SOUL. Throughout the day, regardless of circumstances, I maintain a composed countenance. I stop, take a deep breath, and envision a still, quiet pond. My mind is tranquil, and my soul trusts that all is working together for good. My calm and steady manner brings peace all around me.Continue reading “Daily Word 03/09/2022”

Daily Word 02/13/2022

I AM A COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE. In periods of peaceful contemplation, I immerse myself in the unconditional love that joins the human family together in God. As the awareness of divine love fills my mind and heart, it dissolves all memories of difficulties and feelings of discord. Centered in divine love, I deeply feel my onenessContinue reading “Daily Word 02/13/2022”

Daily Word 01/20/2022

MINDFULNESS I AM CENTERED AND PEACEFUL, NO MATTER WHAT. Today I set my intention to live in the present moment. I begin with a few quiet moments of meditation, stilling and centering myself. If distracting thoughts pop up—conversations, day-to-day activities, or any anxiety or doubtful thought—I welcome them and recenter myself. Now relaxed, I viewContinue reading “Daily Word 01/20/2022”

Daily Word 12/05/2021

Peace I CHOOSE PEACE. “As I continue on the Advent journey, my thoughts turn to peace. I remember what gives me peace—the beauty of a sunset, a comforting hug, a heartfelt prayer. In those moments, peace encompasses all of my thoughts and feelings, transforming any worries or troubles. I wish to carry that feeling withContinue reading “Daily Word 12/05/2021”