Daily Word 08/09/2022

I stand fast in faith and expect the best. When I am facing a challenge, my faith reminds me to turn my focus away from the problem and hold a vision of the best outcome. My faith in divine order and in the power of God within gives me the strength I need to faceContinue reading “Daily Word 08/09/2022”

Daily Word 07/30/2022

I focus on the world I wish to see. My wish is to live in a world of beauty and wonder, filled with kindness and gentleness. I focus my thoughts on those qualities, allowing them to fill my mind and my heart. As my thoughts of beauty and harmony grow, they begin to crowd outContinue reading “Daily Word 07/30/2022”

Daily Word 03/23/2022

I GIVE MY WHOLE HEART TO ALL THAT I AM AND ALL THAT I DO. I bring my full attention to all that I choose to do. Whether using my mind or my body, I engage my senses and focus on whatever I am doing. As I concentrate, time passes quickly and the fullness ofContinue reading “Daily Word 03/23/2022”

Daily Word 7/31/2021

Faith MY FAITH KEEPS ME FOCUSED ON GOD. “Whether there is an abundance of good in my life right now or I am experiencing some challenges, the goodness of God endures. I have faith that God is greater than anything I may be called to face, so I center my thoughts on the spiritual presenceContinue reading “Daily Word 7/31/2021”