Daily Word 02/18/2022

MY PROTECTION IS IN MY PRAYER. There is tremendous power in prayer. As I focus my heart on God, the words I speak take root in my mind and flower in my consciousness. My prayers affirming strength and safety fill me with the calm, steady assurance that all is truly well. As I go aboutContinue reading “Daily Word 02/18/2022”

Daily Word 1/04/2022

Protect I FIND MY PROTECTION IN MY AWARENESS OF GOD. “When the world feels chaotic or even a little scary, I place my attention on the unchanging, unlimited love and strength of God. The presence and power of God is never diminished by the events and circumstances of the world. I feel protected when I alignContinue reading “Daily Word 1/04/2022”

Daily Word 10/31/2021

Protected I FIND MY PROTECTION IN THE LIGHT OF FAITH AND TRUTH. “I smile and act frightened as I recognize the neighborhood children who come to my door wearing scary masks and costumes. Children of all ages enjoy playing make-believe. Pretend fright is part of the fun of Halloween. Now and then, in response toContinue reading “Daily Word 10/31/2021”

Daily Word 9/27/2021

Protected MY LOVED ONES ARE PROTECTED IN THE HEART OF GOD. “If I ever find myself worrying about my loved ones when they are apart from me, I remember the protecting love of God is always with them wherever they go. Whether at work, at play, or traveling to destinations near or far, those IContinue reading “Daily Word 9/27/2021”