Daily Word 08/13/2022

I bless myself when I relax. My body and mind bring so many blessings into my life. My body supports me, allowing my movements, helping me relate to the world through my senses, and sustaining my life. I use my mind to think and understand, to reason and to wonder. These blessings and so manyContinue reading “Daily Word 08/13/2022”

Daily Word 06/09/2022

I relax into the flow of life. When I want to feel in the flow of life, I visualize myself drifting along a beautiful stream. There is no effort, only a deep trust that I am carried along by a gentle current. Living in the flow of life means staying in this same state ofContinue reading “Daily Word 06/09/2022”

Daily Word 03/28/2022

I BLESS OTHERS WITH PRAYER. When I pray, I feel close to those I’m holding in my heart. The oneness with God that I am feeling expands to include all those I am holding in prayer. As I pray, I imagine each beloved enfolded in a brilliant inner radiance that dissolves all obstacles and bestowsContinue reading “Daily Word 03/28/2022”

Daily Word 9/27/2021

Protected MY LOVED ONES ARE PROTECTED IN THE HEART OF GOD. “If I ever find myself worrying about my loved ones when they are apart from me, I remember the protecting love of God is always with them wherever they go. Whether at work, at play, or traveling to destinations near or far, those IContinue reading “Daily Word 9/27/2021”

Daily Word 9/20/2021

Pray for Others PRAYING FOR OTHERS EMPOWERS ME. “When I feel called to help ease another’s burdens, praying for them gives me a powerful sense of purpose. Instead of fretting or wishing I could do something, I turn within and pray. I set aside my worries, wishes, and wants for others. I relax and releaseContinue reading “Daily Word 9/20/2021”