Daily Word 04/23/2022

IN PRAYING FOR OTHERS, I HONOR OUR ONENESS WITH SPIRIT. I heed the words of the apostle Paul to pray without ceasing. My life becomes a constant prayer when I keep my thoughts on Spirit. I deeply feel my oneness with the Divine and wish to share that feeling of deep peace and security. IContinue reading “Daily Word 04/23/2022”

Daily Word 03/28/2022

I BLESS OTHERS WITH PRAYER. When I pray, I feel close to those I’m holding in my heart. The oneness with God that I am feeling expands to include all those I am holding in prayer. As I pray, I imagine each beloved enfolded in a brilliant inner radiance that dissolves all obstacles and bestowsContinue reading “Daily Word 03/28/2022”

Daily Word 01/23/2022

Daily Word: Pray for Others I AM PRAYING FOR YOU. Just hearing the words “I am praying for you” helps me relax into the calm strength of a trusted friend’s faith. Reassured, I feel my own faith growing stronger. My friend may be next to me or calling from far away. The power of prayerContinue reading “Daily Word 01/23/2022”