Daily Word 08/01/2022

I enter my inner sanctuary and breathe in peace. Inner peace is a sanctuary I can enter at any time. Just knowing this space exists within me helps me feel grounded and secure. I bolster this feeling through daily scripture reading and ongoing spiritual education. As I devote myself to these explorations, I discover deepContinue reading “Daily Word 08/01/2022”

Daily Word 04/23/2022

IN PRAYING FOR OTHERS, I HONOR OUR ONENESS WITH SPIRIT. I heed the words of the apostle Paul to pray without ceasing. My life becomes a constant prayer when I keep my thoughts on Spirit. I deeply feel my oneness with the Divine and wish to share that feeling of deep peace and security. IContinue reading “Daily Word 04/23/2022”

Daily Word 04/08/2022

BREATHING DEEPLY RESTORES ME. I am amazed by how much my breathing affects my feelings. If I am anxious, my breath becomes more rapid, but when I am relaxed, my breathing becomes more steady and rhythmic, calming me. If I am feeling too revved up, I still myself by taking deep, slow breaths. I mayContinue reading “Daily Word 04/08/2022”

Daily Word 11/3/2021

Breathe I CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT WITH INDWELLING SPIRIT AS I BREATHE. “Each mindful breath I take helps me feel closer to God. Through my breath, I welcome the sensation that is life expressing through me. As I slowly and deeply inhale and fill my lungs with air, I become aware of my heart center. This awarenessContinue reading “Daily Word 11/3/2021”

Daily Word 7/20/2021

Healing “I ACCEPT THE FULLNESS OF MY HEALING. With every breath, I send life-sustaining oxygen to my body. Even without my conscious direction, each cell functions according to its purpose. Some cells work to keep my heart beating, while others help me breathe or feel sensations through my skin. No matter their purpose, all areContinue reading “Daily Word 7/20/2021”