Daily Word 08/08/2022

My life is in order, and I am at peace. Feeling overwhelmed can cause me to feel scattered, even agitated, and unable to know where to begin or how to prioritize what I need to do. I regain my composure and take control of my circumstances by remembering order is one of my spiritual gifts.Continue reading “Daily Word 08/08/2022”

Daily Word 07/21/2022

My positive attitude draws me closer to God. A positive attitude is my constant companion. Whether alone or among a multitude of people, I am secure within myself. I welcome ease and grace, grateful for the synchronicities that help me feel God’s presence. With positive expectancy, I look for what is good and uplifting andContinue reading “Daily Word 07/21/2022”

Daily Word 04/08/2022

BREATHING DEEPLY RESTORES ME. I am amazed by how much my breathing affects my feelings. If I am anxious, my breath becomes more rapid, but when I am relaxed, my breathing becomes more steady and rhythmic, calming me. If I am feeling too revved up, I still myself by taking deep, slow breaths. I mayContinue reading “Daily Word 04/08/2022”