Daily Word: 08/02/2022

I greet the day with eagerness and enthusiasm. Just as the birds chirp first thing in the morning, greeting the day with joyful song, I, too, welcome each day with eagerness and enthusiasm. My zeal for life shines forth with the sun’s morning rays, illuminating the day ahead. No matter what the day holds, IContinue reading “Daily Word: 08/02/2022”

Daily Word 05/10/2022

My life is made full through the love of God. My life is wonderfully bountiful with endless opportunities for growth and discovery. I learn about the world by exploring vibrantly diverse landscapes of natural beauty and human-made marvels. I learn about myself when I pursue my passions and do the things that give me theContinue reading “Daily Word 05/10/2022”

Daily Word 10/24/2021

Passion MY PURPOSE FUELS MY PASSION. “Purpose sets my heart aflame with passion. Each day, I awaken ready to answer the call of my heart, to give my best efforts and fullest attention to purposeful activity. Passion is the energy I bring to everything I do. I discover the glory of God through passion. AsContinue reading “Daily Word 10/24/2021”

Daily Word 9/28/2021

Enthusiasm ENTHUSIASM ENERGIZES ME. “Sometimes I feel like a rocket ship waiting on a launching pad, needing a boost to get myself started on an endeavor. Enthusiasm is rocket fuel, igniting passion and giving me the energy I need to get started and keep going. As I delve into my pursuits—work, hobbies, or even somethingContinue reading “Daily Word 9/28/2021”