Daily Word 9/28/2021



“Sometimes I feel like a rocket ship waiting on a launching pad, needing a boost to get myself started on an endeavor.

Enthusiasm is rocket fuel, igniting passion and giving me the energy I need to get started and keep going. As I delve into my pursuits—work, hobbies, or even something as mundane as household chores—enthusiasm gives me the drive I need to see projects to completion.

I may have thought I had to be excited about something to feel enthusiastic. Now I understand that enthusiasm begins within me and is mine to apply however I wish. I need not wait to be enthusiastic. I can feel it simply by affirming: I claim enthusiasm now. I am filled with powerful energy to do all I choose to do.”

But let the righteous be joyful; let them exult before God; let them be jubilant with joy.—Psalm 68:3

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