Daily Word: 08/02/2022

I greet the day with eagerness and enthusiasm. Just as the birds chirp first thing in the morning, greeting the day with joyful song, I, too, welcome each day with eagerness and enthusiasm. My zeal for life shines forth with the sun’s morning rays, illuminating the day ahead. No matter what the day holds, IContinue reading “Daily Word: 08/02/2022”

Daily Word 07/06/2022

Divine energy enlivens me. The presence and power of God flows through me as a divine wellspring of energy. It enlivens me with fresh ideas and power, giving me the zeal to accomplish all that is mine to do. Divine energy is infinite. I can never exhaust my supply. In prayer, I claim the divineContinue reading “Daily Word 07/06/2022”

Daily Word 01/12/2022

Zeal I ENTHUSIASTICALLY ANSWER THE CALL TO MOVE FORWARD. I am inspired by the impulse to go forward—to start a new creative project, to begin something truly meaningful. I am blessed with spiritual gifts, including my creative nature. Guided by God within, I enthusiastically pursue my passions. I believe in possibility knowing that with God, allContinue reading “Daily Word 01/12/2022”