Daily Word 10/24/2021

Passion MY PURPOSE FUELS MY PASSION. “Purpose sets my heart aflame with passion. Each day, I awaken ready to answer the call of my heart, to give my best efforts and fullest attention to purposeful activity. Passion is the energy I bring to everything I do. I discover the glory of God through passion. AsContinue reading “Daily Word 10/24/2021”

Daily Word 10/19/2021

Bliss WITH JOY AND PEACE, I AM BLISSFUL. “Watching the sunrise and feeling the promise of a new day envelops me in joy. Seeing the wonders of nature fills my heart to overflowing. Each time I begin the day with exuberance and confidence, I feel refreshed and enlivened. I share my blissful attitude with thoseContinue reading “Daily Word 10/19/2021”