Daily Word 08/25/2022

My curiosity fills me with wonder. The world feels fresh, new, and exciting every day because I am always eager to learn and discover more. I am like a wide-eyed child, full of wonder. The world is a magical place. From the ground below me to the sky above, I am dazzled by mysteries ofContinue reading “Daily Word 08/25/2022”

Daily Word 1/2/2022

Clarity TIME SPENT COMMUNING WITH GOD GIVES ME CLARITY. “When I gaze toward the heavens on a moonlit night, I expect to see twinkling stars and constellations. But if I use a telescope, I can see details with much greater clarity. This example could describe my spiritual life as well. I may go about myContinue reading “Daily Word 1/2/2022”

Daily Word 11/24/2021

Prepare TAKING TIME TO PREPARE IS AN ACT OF LOVING INTENTION. “If I plan to do some entertaining at home, I spend time preparing for my guests’ arrival. This may mean tidying, creating space, and making sure I have enough food. I do this to create a welcoming environment and let my guests know howContinue reading “Daily Word 11/24/2021”

Daily Word 8/11/2021

PrepareI “MAKE SPACE IN MY WORLD FOR GOD. I read in the Book of Isaiah, “Prepare the way of the Lord,” and wonder what this may mean for my life. In moments spent in prayerful contemplation, I am creating a sacred space deep within myself that prepares my way. I am making room, in myContinue reading “Daily Word 8/11/2021”