Daily Word 05/14/2022

The love of God expresses through my generous heart. Having a generous nature colors the world with happiness. Instead of looking around and seeing nothing more than unmet needs, I see opportunities to share of myself through gifts and acts of service. Even if I give money or other goods, what I’m really sharing isContinue reading “Daily Word 05/14/2022”

Daily Word 10/26/2021

Give I GIVE FREELY AND WITH LOVE. “Spiritual leaders teach the importance of giving, helping the underserved, and encouraging the disheartened. It is not the measurable quantity of what I give, but the spirit with which I give that matters most. The love I feel multiplies my giving, and it expands in ever-widening circles ofContinue reading “Daily Word 10/26/2021”

Daily Word 6/15/2021

Give “I AM GRATEFUL AS I GIVE WITH JOY. Giving is the key to living my fullest life. I eagerly accept my good with joy and appreciation, and I feel a deep desire to keep that joy alive by giving generously, serving humbly, and sharing without hesitation. I give with an open and caring heart,Continue reading “Daily Word 6/15/2021”