Daily Word 06/13/2022

I let my joy flow freely. Joy! The very word lifts my spirit. Joy is like the sun; even when it is hidden by the clouds, it is always present. I need only remember this presence within to call out radiant light to shine on my path. I elevate each day of my spiritual journeyContinue reading “Daily Word 06/13/2022”

Daily Word 05/14/2022

The love of God expresses through my generous heart. Having a generous nature colors the world with happiness. Instead of looking around and seeing nothing more than unmet needs, I see opportunities to share of myself through gifts and acts of service. Even if I give money or other goods, what I’m really sharing isContinue reading “Daily Word 05/14/2022”

Daily Word 03/18/2022

I STAY FOCUSED ON THE POSITIVE. Knowing that I am a powerful spiritual being and heir to God’s abundant good keeps my focus on the positive. When I remember that God is good all the time I am not disturbed by anything that is happening in or around me. I remain fully aware of theContinue reading “Daily Word 03/18/2022”

Daily Word 01/24/2022

Happy MY HEART IS AGLOW WITH HAPPINESS. Happiness flows from my inner joy, peace, and compassion. From this place of contentment of my soul, I feel happy in all I do. Even when things are not going the way I want or expect, I can choose happiness, finding the good in every circumstance. When IContinue reading “Daily Word 01/24/2022”

Daily Word 12/22/2021

Happy I CHOOSE HAPPINESS. “No matter what this day brings, I greet it with happiness. Rather than wait for good news or a fortunate turn of events to feel happy, I tap into the joy in my heart to generate my happiness from within. As I focus on happiness, I find it everywhere. Some happinessContinue reading “Daily Word 12/22/2021”

Daily Word 12/18/2021

Forgive AS I RELEASE RESENTMENTS, I AM RELEASED. “I may feel justified in withholding forgiveness, especially if someone’s words or actions have caused me lasting anguish or pain. Yet, deep within, I believe I should forgive. The emotional exertion of holding on to upset blocks me from the peace and happiness I wish to feel.Continue reading “Daily Word 12/18/2021”