Daily Word 03/21/2022

I BEHOLD THE WORLD THROUGH THE LENS OF FAITH. Living my faith does not mean seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Instead it means taking and holding a higher view of all circumstances, in my life and in the world. I believe in the possibility of peace, even in the midst of conflict and strife.Continue reading “Daily Word 03/21/2022”

Daily Word 03/04/2022

AGREEMENT IS MY PATH TO HARMONY. Over the years, I have endeavored to be a kind and compassionate person. I help however I can and give generously to those in need. In the presence of discord or conflict, I also seek to be a harmonizing influence. Conflicts and disagreements don’t need to lead to angryContinue reading “Daily Word 03/04/2022”

Daily Word 10/14/2021

Grace I GIVE THANKS FOR THE GRACE OF GOD THAT FILLS MY HEART AND LIFE. “Grace is the activity of God providing good for all people. When I recognize grace, I feel loved, cared for, and filled with the strength and resources necessary to overcome any obstacle. Grace manifests in many ways. Sometimes it’s anContinue reading “Daily Word 10/14/2021”