Daily Word 05/30/2022

I remember and give thanks today. With reverence, I honor those who have come before me. I may lay flowers on a grave site or participate in a sacred ceremony. No matter how I remember, the love and respect I hold in my heart keep these dear ones alive forever in my mind and heart.Continue reading “Daily Word 05/30/2022”

Daily Word 11/11/2021

Honor I HONOR THOSE WHO SERVE. “Today I feel grateful for the selflessness of those who serve. These dedicated souls are called to place the needs of others beyond their needs, to offer their talents and strengths in the service of those they will likely never meet. Even though they do this with no needContinue reading “Daily Word 11/11/2021”

Daily Word 10/15/2021

Leadership I HONOR ALL UPSTANDING LEADERS AND AM INSPIRED BY THEIR EXAMPLE. “Others may look to me for guidance, support, and direction. Whether I am a parent, a member of a council or board, a manager, a teacher, an older sibling, or simply one who lives among others, I strive to make a difference throughContinue reading “Daily Word 10/15/2021”

Daily Word 10/04/2021

Animal Blessing I AM THANKFUL FOR AND RESPECTFUL TOWARD ALL ANIMALS. “The creation story in Genesis specifies a day when God made animals of every kind and proclaimed it good. Today I make my own proclamation by extending a blessing to the animal kingdom. I am thankful for all animals, from playful companions to serviceContinue reading “Daily Word 10/04/2021”