Daily Word 06/16/2022

I trust the process of life. Today I resolve to give up my attempts to control life. Instead, I agree with life. I trust that Spirit is in and through all things. Rather than resist or judge what appears before me, I have confidence in divine order and the absolute goodness of God. I takeContinue reading “Daily Word 06/16/2022”

Daily Word 05/30/2022

I remember and give thanks today. With reverence, I honor those who have come before me. I may lay flowers on a grave site or participate in a sacred ceremony. No matter how I remember, the love and respect I hold in my heart keep these dear ones alive forever in my mind and heart.Continue reading “Daily Word 05/30/2022”

Daily Word 12/08/2021

Strength I AM STRONG, CAPABLE, AND CONFIDENT WITHIN GOD. “I draw from my infinite well of divine strength and face difficulties bravely and calmly. All the courage I could ever need is already mine in consciousness. I need only claim it to bring it forth. As the divine idea of strength flourishes in my thoughts,Continue reading “Daily Word 12/08/2021”

Daily Word 11/04/2021

Courage WITH GOD, I AM A STRONG AND COURAGEOUS FORCE FOR GOOD IN THE WORLD. “Courage can take many forms. I find courage in those who advocate for themselves and others, who triumphantly overcome fear, or who simply embrace each day with the faith they can be successful, despite any limitations. I find my courageContinue reading “Daily Word 11/04/2021”

Daily Word 10/01/2021

Brave I AM BRAVE, STRONG, AND FAITHFUL. “Bravery does not mean never feeling fear, but it does mean holding on to courage for one moment longer. I take this to heart when I need to find courage in the face of daunting circumstances. As I pause to recall challenges I’ve surmounted, I remember I haveContinue reading “Daily Word 10/01/2021”