Daily Word 10/01/2021



“Bravery does not mean never feeling fear, but it does mean holding on to courage for one moment longer. I take this to heart when I need to find courage in the face of daunting circumstances. As I pause to recall challenges I’ve surmounted, I remember I have always been able to handle whatever came my way, even when I had to summon courage bit by bit.

I face more challenging moments with boldness. I am brave, strong, and faith-filled, secure in the knowledge that God within is greater than any problem without.

I know this in my mind and I feel it in my heart. I will always be able to summon the fortitude and the determination to bravely face whatever my heart and mind lead me to do.”

From Unity Daily Word

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage.—Psalm 27:14

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