Daily Word 07/08/2022

I embrace a spirit of playfulness and make time for fun. Fun is an essential part of a full, well-rounded life. Just as crucial as work and accomplishment and as important as rest and relaxation, having fun is necessary to ensure my ongoing growth and well-being. So much more than diversion or a way toContinue reading “Daily Word 07/08/2022”

Daily Word 05/12/2022

My life overflows with richness. Turning my attention to the abundant wealth present in nature, I find evidence of prosperity all around me. I see billions of grains of sand stretching out across the shoreline and feel the abundance of warm sunlight on my skin. At night I take in the magnitude of the universeContinue reading “Daily Word 05/12/2022”

Daily Word 03/17/2022

I AM JOYOUS TODAY. Each day is a new beginning and an opportunity to embrace life. My attitude helps determine my happiness, so I seek and find reasons to feel and express joy. I am filled with enthusiasm for everything that is mine to do. I am uplifted as I release concerns and replace themContinue reading “Daily Word 03/17/2022”

Daily Word 7/27/2021

Carefree “MY CAREFREE HEART SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS. I give thanks for the beauty and goodness that surround me, grateful for the carefree attitude I bring to life.” I set my intention today to keep my heart light and carefree. That does not mean every thought or experience of the day will be untroubled, butContinue reading “Daily Word 7/27/2021”