Daily Word 10/28/2022

Abundant prosperity is a blessing in my life. I realize I abound in prosperity when I think of the love of my family and friends, the comfort of my home, and the wealth of my experiences over the years. With every breath I enjoy the prosperity of physical life and health. With every thought andContinue reading “Daily Word 10/28/2022”

Daily Word 05/12/2022

My life overflows with richness. Turning my attention to the abundant wealth present in nature, I find evidence of prosperity all around me. I see billions of grains of sand stretching out across the shoreline and feel the abundance of warm sunlight on my skin. At night I take in the magnitude of the universeContinue reading “Daily Word 05/12/2022”

Daily Word 12/10/2021

Prosperity ABUNDANT PROSPERITY IS MINE. “Occasionally I may admire another’s car, house, or other belongings. I may even compare my possessions to theirs. When this happens, I choose another tack. I notice my envy but don’t condemn myself for it. Instead, I choose to see good fortune and wealth in new ways. I feel blessedContinue reading “Daily Word 12/10/2021”