Daily Word 12/10/2021



“Occasionally I may admire another’s car, house, or other belongings. I may even compare my possessions to theirs.

When this happens, I choose another tack. I notice my envy but don’t condemn myself for it. Instead, I choose to see good fortune and wealth in new ways. I feel blessed by others’ abundance and feel happy for mine as well. At the same time, I realize prosperity is not defined by cars, houses, and clothing.

My health, relationships, emotional well-being, and awareness of my oneness with God are the true measures of my prosperity.

As I recognize my abundance, I feel deep, abiding peace. Bountiful prosperity flowers in my consciousness. Every day and in so many ways, I am truly blessed.”

From Unity Daily Word

And my God will fully satisfy every need of yours.—Philippians 4:19

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