Daily Word 7/27/2021



I give thanks for the beauty and goodness that surround me, grateful for the carefree attitude I bring to life.”

I set my intention today to keep my heart light and carefree. That does not mean every thought or experience of the day will be untroubled, but it does mean I will choose to view the circumstance from the highest perspective of peace and love.

I choose to shrug off those little things that sometimes receive too much of my attention. Instead, I look for levity and take all situations with a grain of salt. I respond with a light touch.

My carefree heart is filled with the laughter of good friends and beloved family. I enjoy the times we spend together to catch up on our lives or share the experiences of the day.

From-Daily Word Unity

Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise.—Psalm 84:4

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