Daily Word 04/13/2022

AS I RELEASE WHAT NO LONGER SERVES ME, THE CHRIST IN ME ARISES ANEW. Holy Week marks one of the most sacred times of the year for Christians, filled with heartfelt traditions and beautiful ceremonies. It also marks events that brought people from the heights of joy to the depths of despair and back againContinue reading “Daily Word 04/13/2022”

Daily Word 02/17/2022

PRAYING FOR OTHERS UNITES US IN SPIRIT. After witnessing wondrous prayer outcomes in my own and others’ lives, I know in my heart the power of prayer. I am honored to pray for others. I begin by aligning my mind with divine mind as I center my attention on the goodness of God. In thisContinue reading “Daily Word 02/17/2022”

Daily Word 10/28/2021

Pray for Others I PRAY FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL PEOPLE. “Praying for others is a sacred trust. I prepare myself for prayer by clearing my mind of chatter and uncertainty. Calmness, concentration, and belief in the power of prayer are all parts of my practice. Praying with deep conviction allows me to surrenderContinue reading “Daily Word 10/28/2021”