Daily Word 12/04/2021



“No matter how busy I am or how full my schedule is, I take time to rest. I know that any looming tasks will be there for me to take up later. Now is the time to be still, to create a sacred space, and practice the presence of God. Stillness is a gift, as is silence. In this space, there is nothing to do, no place to be, no rush. Breathing deeply, I let the muscles of my face, shoulders, back, limbs, and torso release any tension they have been holding. My body is comfortable as I relax and let my awareness of my surroundings fade. I am nourished by divine light and love.

I sink into tranquility as I experience bliss in the quiet of my surroundings. When I am ready, I return to purposeful activity, refreshed and focused. I am grateful for my rest.”

From Unity Daily Word

And I say, “O that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.”—Psalm 55:6

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