Daily Word 10/28/2021

Pray for Others


“Praying for others is a sacred trust. I prepare myself for prayer by clearing my mind of chatter and uncertainty. Calmness, concentration, and belief in the power of prayer are all parts of my practice. Praying with deep conviction allows me to surrender all concerns. I relax into absolute faith that all things are possible with God, which is always a prayer for the highest good.

I behold the presence of God in those for whom I pray. I lift my thoughts and vision to see them whole, healthy, prosperous, and their every need being met. If my thoughts drift to their challenges or hardships, I gently bring myself back to the positive energy of prayer. I refocus and with gratitude claim the life, wisdom, and power of God in all people.”

From Unity Daily Word

When I remember you in my prayers, I always thank my God.—Philemon 1:4

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