Daily Word 11/19/2021



“I can make any day extraordinary when I grab each moment with gusto and squeeze every drop of pleasure I can from it.

I do this through attention and intention. I engage my senses fully. I delight in the way the sun dances on water and the wind rustles trees. I love the feel of the sun on my face. I relish every bite of food—each sweet and savory sensation. I immerse myself in the dazzling array of sounds I hear.

I marvel that my every breath keeps the magnificent machinery of my body alive and thriving. I bless the gift of respiration as I breathe mindfully and gratefully.

I am fully present to life, aware and enthusiastic in all circumstances. I greet every day with passion, grateful to bring my zest into the world and share it freely.”

From Unity Daily Word

You have put gladness in my heart.—Psalm 4:7

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