Daily Word 12/24/2021

Christmas Eve


“A new birth is on the horizon as I follow faithfully the guiding light of Spirit. I anticipate the joyful awakening of a renewed sense of oneness with the indwelling Christ presence.

I hold the intention today to imagine myself in the Christmas story. What does a journey to Bethlehem mean to me? I look inward. I may sit in silence as I hold this question in my heart. Whether I will enjoy a quiet day alone or a busy day of preparation and activities, I reverently embrace this prelude to rebirth. I honor myself with the gift of reflection. In the Gospel of Luke, the shepherds took no gifts to Bethlehem other than their humble presence, their very beings. Likewise, I bring the gift of myself—my open and receptive mind, soul, and body.”

From Unity Daily Word

The shepherds said to one another, “Let us go now to Bethlehem.”—Luke 2:15

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