Daily Word 01/20/2022

MINDFULNESS I AM CENTERED AND PEACEFUL, NO MATTER WHAT. Today I set my intention to live in the present moment. I begin with a few quiet moments of meditation, stilling and centering myself. If distracting thoughts pop up—conversations, day-to-day activities, or any anxiety or doubtful thought—I welcome them and recenter myself. Now relaxed, I viewContinue reading “Daily Word 01/20/2022”

Daily Word 1/04/2022

Protect I FIND MY PROTECTION IN MY AWARENESS OF GOD. “When the world feels chaotic or even a little scary, I place my attention on the unchanging, unlimited love and strength of God. The presence and power of God is never diminished by the events and circumstances of the world. I feel protected when I alignContinue reading “Daily Word 1/04/2022”

Daily Word 12/03/2021

Reach I REACH FOR A FULLER EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. “My life expands each time I extend my heart, my hand, or my awareness in new directions to further my growth. I enrich my soul and evolve my consciousness when I open myself to fresh experiences. From making friends to visiting unfamiliar places, life is richerContinue reading “Daily Word 12/03/2021”

Daily Word 11/3/2021

Breathe I CONSCIOUSLY CONNECT WITH INDWELLING SPIRIT AS I BREATHE. “Each mindful breath I take helps me feel closer to God. Through my breath, I welcome the sensation that is life expressing through me. As I slowly and deeply inhale and fill my lungs with air, I become aware of my heart center. This awarenessContinue reading “Daily Word 11/3/2021”

Daily Word 9/23/2021

Understanding MY DAWNING UNDERSTANDING ILLUMINATES MY HEART AND MIND. “Dawn breaks on a new day as the sky gradually grows light and the sun begins its ascent on the horizon. Understanding works much the same way, as a dawning of awareness and insight that often happens little by little. It’s only natural to crave exhilarating a-ha momentsContinue reading “Daily Word 9/23/2021”