Daily Word 03/27/2022

DIVINE ORDER SUPPORTS MY LIFE. Divine order is one of the great truths of life. It provides a foundation for all growth and a blueprint for all manifestation. Feeling stuck or bewildered is a sign that I am out of step with divine order. I pause, and with compassion for myself, I release thoughts ofContinue reading “Daily Word 03/27/2022”

Daily Word 02/15/2022

DIVINE ORDER SUPPORTS MY LIFE. At those times I am waiting and hoping for a desired result, I may begin to feel impatient or even a little doubtful. I gain some useful perspective when I consider the story of the earth and how the cosmos formed over billions of years, evolving through countless changes, leadingContinue reading “Daily Word 02/15/2022”

Daily Word 01/25/2022

Divine Order DIVINE ORDER IS A BLESSING IN MY LIFE. Unity poet James Dillet Freeman once said that no prayer is as powerful as simply affirming divine order. The beauty of this prayer is that it doesn’t call for a specific result but instead affirms that everything is unfolding according to a divine pattern. TheContinue reading “Daily Word 01/25/2022”

Daily Word 11/07/2021

Divine Order I LIVE IN HARMONY WITH DIVINE ORDER. “Life is in constant motion, even if that motion is imperceptible to me. When I feel stuck in place or impatient with my progress, I consider the gradual yet orderly pattern of the seasons as they change. The single golden leaf I notice one day willContinue reading “Daily Word 11/07/2021”

Daily Word 9/17/2021

Divine Order DIVINE ORDER GIVES STRUCTURE AND PURPOSE TO LIFE. “I discover divine order in action all around me. I feel secure as I observe patterns of consistency and structure. In nature, I see examples of perfect, purposeful order. The sun sets and rises, seasons change, and the earth turns on its axis. Divine orderContinue reading “Daily Word 9/17/2021”