Daily Word 08/03/2022

I believe the best about myself and others. As I have matured spiritually, I have grown in many ways, deepening in understanding, blossoming in joy, evolving in compassion. Along the way, I have come to regard myself as a spiritual being, fully human and fully divine. I believe this is the truth of me, andContinue reading “Daily Word 08/03/2022”

Daily Word 10/29/2021

Believe I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MY WORDS AND THOUGHTS. “Matthew’s gospel tells the story of a Roman military officer who comes to Jesus seeking healing for his seriously ill servant. When Jesus offers to visit the officer’s home for the healing, the officer responds “only speak the word, and my servant will beContinue reading “Daily Word 10/29/2021”

Daily Word 7/12/2021

Believe “I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN THE GOOD. I make the faith-filled choice to believe in the goodness of God reflected in the heart of humanity, expressing as healing, harmony, abundant life, and perfect guidance. This empowering belief strengthens my inner connection with God’s love in myself and others. I know that each soul isContinue reading “Daily Word 7/12/2021”