Daily Word 9/22/2021

Lighthearted I HAVE A CHEERFUL OUTLOOK AND LIGHTHEARTED SPIRIT. “Like sunlight breaking through the clouds, lighthearted moments break through any boredom or tension I may be feeling to bring a lilt to my day. My cheerful outlook amplifies my appreciation of blessings large and small. I notice wonders of happiness, beauty, and insight that buildContinue reading “Daily Word 9/22/2021”

Daily Word 8/1/2021

Radiance “THE CHRIST PRESENCE WITHIN IS MY RADIANT SOURCE OF GOOD. As the sun lights the earth and is the source of its energy, the Christ, the divine presence within me, is my light and the source of everything that I need in order to live brilliantly and joyfully. When, like a passing cloud, anContinue reading “Daily Word 8/1/2021”