Daily Word 9/22/2021



“Like sunlight breaking through the clouds, lighthearted moments break through any boredom or tension I may be feeling to bring a lilt to my day. My cheerful outlook amplifies my appreciation of blessings large and small.

I notice wonders of happiness, beauty, and insight that build in my memories throughout the day. It may be hearing my favorite songs, seeing a beautiful bird in flight, or sharing a delicious meal with family and friends.

The tone of my day reflects my inner world. I commit to lighthearted living and hold fast to my faith that God is expressing through me and everyone. I encounter beauty, grace, and ease everywhere I go. With ever-deepening trust, I am free to smile, laugh, and enjoy being lighthearted.”

From Unity Daily Word

A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance.—Proverbs 15:13

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