Daily Word 6/8/2021

Pray for Others


My prayers of love and faith are among the greatest gifts I can give to a friend or loved one. No matter the nature of my concern, when I envelop my dear one in thoughts of wisdom, peace, wholeness, and safety, I am at peace.

Enfolding my dear ones in prayer, I release worries and become a channel of peace. I affirm: I love you. God within you is a guiding, healing, presence of peace and goodness. I give thanks for this presence through which you live and breathe. You beautifully and abundantly express your divine qualities and claim your good.

I then breathe deeply and utter a prayer of thanks. In gratitude and love, I envision the highest and best outcomes and feel assured that all is in divine order.”

From-Daily Word, Unity

In our prayers for you we always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.—Colossians 1:3

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